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project Why and how should you copyright a video, music, photos, or a text?
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Why and how should you copyright a video, music, photos, or a text? 01

Are you allowed to play Lady Gaga at a corporate party? Or can you insert a little bit of one of her songs into an advertisement? What should you do if someone steals your idea? Why does the customer keep asking for a license if you have provided them with all of the source materials?

Sometimes you just don't have the time or stamina to deal with these legal issues. But if you ignore them, this may cost you dearly.

Over years of working in the event industry, the C4 team has accumulated a huge database of practical solutions, and we are ready to lend you the expert knowledge of our most competent specialists in the field of intellectual property rights. No topic is too complicated or too taboo for us; we know how to make sense of any subtle nuances, and will take your hand and lead you out of the darkest depths of the copyright jungle.

Are you a production company, design studio, advertising or event agency, a business, or an individual pursuing a creative profession (photographer, musician, artist, designer, copywriter)? Do you want to protect your creations or use other people's work legally?

Please reach out to us, we will be delighted to help!
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