25  projects per year 
1OO+ countries worldwide
For the past
10 years,
we have been creating
projects —
that are vibrant,
and emotionally  

Over this time, we have evolved from a small boutique agency to a full-fledged event marketing service. And today we are driven by confidence, passion for what we do, and an intense desire to help our clients progress toward their goals.

automation in work
Auto industry knowledge. Among the top
in the country
10 years of experience
Projects in 25 countries
Intellectual property
High rating from
the Ecovadis Agency (environmental,
innovation, productivity)
Who are we?

Our service employs only top professionals who have mastered their craft and handle their job with experience, creativity, acumen, originality, and exceptional knowledge.

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01 Maryana Gvozdovskaya

Founder and CEO
A real master of creating, developing, and managing successful businesses. Winner of the Businesswomen 2021 contest in the Advertising, PR, and Marketing nomination.

02 Vitaly Malov

Creative Director
A genuine pro with colossal event industry experience. The creator of several professional awards in event marketing: BEMA!, Event of the Year, and Silver Mercury.

03 Xenia Skopintseva

Art Director
An infinitely versatile graphic designer and visual communications expert, who has mastered almost all graphic design tools in existence. Her track record even includes the Popai Awards trophy.

04 Ruslan Orudzhev

Commercial Director С4
Has an uncanny ability to transform business partnerships into friendships. His friend list includes top managers from Sber and Raiffeisen Bank, Rambler и Mail.ru, MasterCard, Okko, Metro, and many more.

05 Olga Dyachkova

Head of the Tender Department С4
Master of prototype design and an amazing "theoretical" producer who can, at a glance, assess the cost of a project that does not yet exist. Could have easily managed the budget for the entire Russian Federation.

06 Olga Semyonova

Financial Director С4
A Pro with a capital P who knows countless tools and manages the service's financial and legal department with ease and elegance! Is quite elegant herself, too.

07 Svetlana Rytsarskaya

Head of Implementation Department at C4
Over 10 years of experience in event and project team management.
Has organized events in various formats: online and offline conferences, product presentations, factory opening ceremonies, flash mobs, roadshows, teleconferences, and even reality show shoots.
Her work has been recognized with multiple professional awards: IPRA, Gold Quill, RuPoR

08 Maria Usenya

Account Manager
The main ingredient of Maria's masterful skill set is her sociability. It's a real superpower, which she keeps on honing. PepsiCo, Sber, JTI, and, of course, C4: all these companies adore her.
She can charm, befriend, and captivate anyone, especially customers and contractors.

09 Kristina Prigarkina

Account Manager
One of Russia's rare event producers that actually studied this. She has a degree in event management and uses C4's most complex projects to continuously improve her expertise.

10 Semyon Somov

Account Manager
Semyon has a degree in cultural studies, an intuitive understanding of beauty, and a wonderful smile. All of this helps him tackle all of the exceptionally difficult tasks that get assigned to our design experts.

11 Veronica Mikanba

Account Manager
New blood at C4 Event Service. Thanks to versatile experts like Veronika, who can do anything from designing interactive programs to putting together exhibition booths, our service will keep on thriving.

12 Olga Dundar

SMM Manager
Leads, stories, chatbots, posts, reposts — all of this is a whole separate world, and Olga is our bridge to that world. She is our Social Media Master or, as she is known more colloquially, the “Likes Guru.”


Event Service С4

We are an event marketing service and our core mission is to make the brightest and most inspiring projects in Russia and abroad become a reality. For an entire decade, our business and online events have been winning over our customers' hearts and evoking unforgettable memories in everyone who participates. The sheer amount of auto events and roadshows that we've organized reaffirms C4's status as Russia's most knowledgeable event agency in the automotive industry.

Our professional team, knowledge of trends, and possession of innovative tools help us achieve perfect results, guaranteeing nothing but the best for all of our customers.

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