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A step toward a sustainable future01

If dream projects exist, that was definitely it! In April 2021, we completed an ambitious project for Sсhneider Electric, A global leader in automation and power management.

The Innovation Summit Moscow 2021

brought together innovation leaders, world-renowned experts, and investors into a sustainable future.

This year's event was dedicated to digital development and sustainability. The C4 Event Service was fully entrusted with organizational matters.

This was a truly momentous occasion, which rewarded C4 with colossal experience:

  • 6 months of preparation
  • 5 days of construction and assembly
  • 2 pavilions and 4 conference rooms
  • 3 days of an action-packed online + offline agenda
  • 264 strategic sessions
  • 5500+ offline visitors
  • 11,200 views of the digital platform sessions


  • 30 cameras
  • 8,600 sq.m. of carpeting
  • +100 tonnes of structures
  • garbage sorting
  • 110 kg of waste collected for recycling
  • 5,600 eco-friendly cups of fragrant coffee
  • and almost 200 professionals energized for a flawlessly organized global meeting at the Expocenter.

We are proud to have become part of a large-scale project that brings all of humankind closer to a digital, sustainable future.

We could feel it in the air!
Project team:

Natalia Deyanova and Anna Razumova, Customer Representatives
Maryana Gvozdovskaya, Project Lead
Olga Ryabinkina, Project Supervisor
Anna Antonova, Project Manager
Vitaly Malov, Creative Director
Xenia Skopintseva, Art Director
Alexander Strizh, Site Coordinator
Vlad Erokhin, Technical Director
Harold Walz, Architect
Xenia Istomina, Platform Manager
Dmitry Poslushaev, Production Manager
Olga Kuzminykh, Production Director
Kirill Kuznetsov, Scriptwriter
Alexander Novokshonov, Contract Manager
Ekaterina Shchibrya, Account Manager for Client Workflow
Maria Degtyarenko, Project Manager
Anastasia Kapyrina, Project Assistant
Tatyana Lavrenova, Registration Coordinator

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