client RENAULT
project ARKANA GRAND TOUR 2019
# #Roadshows
Arkana opens a new chapter in Renault's history 01
And we have become the co-authors of this legendary milestone, carrying forth the brand's new philosophy.

The C4 Event Service team toured Russian cities to present this new model to a broad audience.

The beginning was fairly standard — a roadshow in five million-plus cities from Nizhny Novgorod to Tyumen — but the wild demand and the enormous number of people willing to take part in the test drives of the new Renault Arkana brought the project to a new level.

ARKANA GRAND TOUR stepped beyond Russia's borders.

Our car caravan traveled through dozens of cities in both Russia and Kazakhstan. The tour lasted so long that we had to make several extra sets of scenery.

The number of planned test drives soared almost twofold. The motto of the tour was "What is your strength?", and we certainly answered that question!

Project team:

Olga Polyanskaya, Elena Evseeva, and Ekaterina Cherbar, Customer Representatives
Maryana Gvozdovskaya, Project Lead
Maria Borzenkova, Project Supervisor
Vitaly Malov, Creative Director
Xenia Skopintseva, Art Director
Yulia Katalkina and Ivan Popov, Project Managers
Natalya Burshina, Site Supervisor
Harold Walz, Architect
Victoria Svistun, Production Manager

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