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Online event for M.Video-Eldorado Group

We held an online event with impeccable energy for M.Video-Eldorado this February.

Two hours flew by in the blink of an eye. A large audience from around the world eagerly listened to the legendary Russian manager Alexander Izosimov, who heads M.Video-Eldorado, and to the Group's Financial Director, Ekaterina Sokolova.

The company's CEO and top managers talked about the new growth strategy, shared the results of their work, and answered questions from participants of the Strategy Day 2021 event in real time. Meanwhile, the C4 team was hard at work behind the scenes, side by side with the customer's PR and IR, getting the turnkey project ready. The idea, the script, the venue choice, the set design, directing, the frame setup, timing, the shoot itself: all of this was the massive tip of an even more massive iceberg, which we created to ensure that the people in the frame — the people who had put their trust in us — would feel comfortable and confident. The self-assurance and team spirit of M.Video-Eldorado's team, both on- and off-screen, infected us as well.

Quite a collaboration!
M.Video-Eldorado team:

Valeria Andreeva
Maxim Novikov
Timur Akhmedzhanov
Ilya Shashkin

C4 team:

Anna Antonova, Project Supervisor
Vitaly Malov and Xenia Skopintseva, Concept
Olga Kuzminykh and Marina Smolyakova, Direction Team
Olga Ryabinkina, Project Manager
Anastasia Kapyrina, Project Assistant
Andrey Rassudov and Vlad Erokhin, Technical Direction
Streamgalaxy, Technical Support
Proofix, Online Platform/Landing/Online Stream
Evgenia Melikhova, Set
C4DSGN, Design

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