# #Roadshows
When the temperature drops below zero, take up the cold's challenge! 01
That's what we did, coming up with an ambitious show for the Cordiant tire-maker.

We decided to go beyond the brief's constraints and refresh the event that the customer had been holding for several years.

And it worked!

Our efforts resulted in SUB ZERO EXPERIENCE, a vibrant and unforgettable project.

Snow, ice, frost, low friction coefficients — Cordiant can brave the most extreme tire operating conditions.

We held the Cordiant Sub Zero federal roadshow from February to May 2020.

It was a series of events that we grouped under a single sub-brand..

We designed a special logo and identified elements that accentuated the product's unique features, and then off we went.

11 cities around Russia, more than 880 participants, Cordiant tires, and Russian frosts: when mixed together, these ingredients brewed into the best show ever, celebrating the superpower of Cordiant tires and our team's skill in organizing large-scale auto events!

Project team:

Alexander Eryomin, Customer Representative
Yulia Katalkina, Project Supervisor
Vitaly Malov and Xenia Skopintseva, Concept
Ivan Popov, Project Manager
Tatyana Moskalenko, Logistics

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