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With two premieres

In 2021, LADA gave its first online annual press conference.

The brand brought together a group of journalists and answered the most topical questions live. Olivier Mornet, AvtoVAZ's vice president for advertising and marketing, presented two new LADA cars to the audience.

The entire event was planned out and approved frame-by-frame.

C4's achievements:

  • We started working on the project on December 29, with a January 13 deadline.
  • We even managed to shoot and post-produce a promo for the new cars a mere day before the event.
The project team included:

Natalya Koskenok, Customer Representative
Maryana Gvozdovskaya, Project Lead
Natalya Kuchaeva, Project Manager
Alexander Bagdasarov, Technical Supervisor and Show Director
Ekaterina Shchibrya, Customer Workflow
Alexander Novokshonov, Copyright Manager

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