client EVOTOR
# #Corporate events
Full-fledged historical reconstruction, and a party to remember. 01
EVOTOR is a leading producer of smart online checkout systems and software.

So smart, in fact, that one of these systems transformed into a time machine, carrying the company's employees off to the 90s.

At the entrance, the guests were greeted by staff in familiar raspberry-shaded jackets, and a few were even turned around for violating the dress code: they were not wearing an Adidas hoodie, or at least a Boys sweater tucked into sweatpants.

But those who were allowed to join this feast of life were overcome by bittersweet nostalgia.

Everything there was so authentic: a video salon in the PAL/SECAM format, a Rubik's cube championship, badge making with Bruce Lee and the Terminator, and even a game zone with eight-bit Mario and Ninja Turtles arcade machines. At the bar, the guests were offered cocktails based on Amaretto liqueur, and savored Pepsi's taste of victory. Good thing the drinking regimen was Anatoly Kashpirovsky-approved! His stern face gazed at the revelers from the vintage TV sets on the bar counter, healing their upcoming hangovers.

Project team:

Ekaterina Zyalyukova, Customer Representative
Maria Borzenkova, Project Supervisor
Vitaly Malov and Xenia Skopintseva, Concept
Yana Dobrina and Olga Dyachkova, Project Managers
Alexandra Rogova, Production Manager
Ivan Popov, Props

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